What does Biotat ® do?
Using the powerful natural anaesthetic qualities of Clove we have developed a unique industry first range of products to naturally numb and clean the area during the tattoo process and as an aftercare. Our clove has been carefully selected to make it extremely effective with zero lidocaine. It is fantastic at reducing redness and inflamation, it's also antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral.

Does it really numb?
Ohhhh yes, Clove is very powerful, it acts as a natural anti-inflammatory and pain reducer, in addition to having broad-spectrum antimicrobial/cleaning effects to the skin. All with zero lidocaine.

Whats the differance between the butter and the glides?
Glides are softer and mainly used for the tattoo process. They glide across the skin making it easy to wipe away ink.
The butters are Shea butter based and also used for the tattooing process whilst also great as an aftercare. Totally different texture.
The hybrid is a halfway house. Part butter and part glide.

Whats the differance between the PMU and Tattoo products?

Our PMU (permanent make up) products have been formulated for the beauty industry and PMU procedures on brows and lips.

Is it Vegan?

Is it eco friendly?
Yes!, we only use PET containers and all the labels are made from Tree Free stock.

How do I apply?
Glides, Butters and the Hybrid are all designed to be used during and after the tatoo process. Each product has full application instructions, we advise to use a cotton bud or spatula to avoid contamination. All the products can be used together during the tattoo process.

How long do I use for?
As an aftercare, wash with our foam or wipes and finish with a luxurious butter until fully healed.

Will it take long to Heal?
This can vary on your skin and the location of the tattoo. Don’t rush it, enjoy the process. Biotat ® Butters are all natural and have bucket loads of skin healing properties.

How do I clean it?
Biotat ® recommends a green soap foam or wipe and then a thin layer of Butter.