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'I love Biotat ® products! It really helps my clients during the session, soothing the redness of the skin, making long day sessions more comfortable!'

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Luke Lightwood

'I’ve been using Biotat ® products for a couple of months now and they work wonders, I can work longer hours using both the butter and green soap together, great at  reducing redness and numbs the area.'

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'Biotat ® is a permanent staple in my kit - keeps my clients comfortable throughout and the product that goes a long way'

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Ben Sowerby

'Biotat ® is light on the skin and easy to apply, just an amazing product!'

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Ry Harris

'I’m quite particular when it comes to tattoo related products, but Biotat® uses natural organic ingredients, natural numbing agents and are   also importantly cruelty free. It’s now essential in my tattooing process.'

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'what a genius idea’ to put numbing in tattooing products, they keep the client more comfortable whilst being tattooed and smell great'

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'I love the consistency of the glide as it doesn’t clog up the needles like a lot of other process butters, and the fact it has a natural numbing agent in it is a massive bonus.'

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'Since using Biotat ® products I’ve found I’ve finally been able to push and get those extra few hours into the finished piece without the client struggling too much or the skin becoming too swollen to work with. Game changer.'

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'Biotat® Tattoo Glide is must have for any tattoo artist, not only does it make the job smooth and more precise, but also sooth the skin and reduce redness. Amazing smell during work is a great bonus. I love it!'

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'Biotat ® has been a game changer, particularly in reducing redness and inflammation for the tattoos! I love the application of the products and clients have commented on how nice it smells!'

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Paul Owen

'After more than 18 years in the industry I’ve tried and tested all kinds of new products. It’s been a very long time since I’ve been this excited about one! It genuinely makes a difference, a much more pleasant experience for the client and artist. Does what it says, looks great, smells nice, a very welcome addition to the set up.'

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Dom La Station Tattoo

'I love the immediate effect on the skin, the balm has a very nice consistency, the spray cleans the excess ink well and reduces redness and pain during long  sessions'

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Alex Rose

'Biotat ® are fantastic to use and it helps the process and doesn't irritate the skin. Also a smell and consistency on butters is amazing!'

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Paul Davies

'Biotat ® products make my job so much easier, reducing pain and redness, allowing the client to sit more comfortably, ensuring a more enjoyable process.'

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Tattoos by bintt

'As an artist who mainly does long day sessions, my clients tell me that Biotat ® helps to sooth their skin allowing them to sit more comfortably for the entire session. It helps keep the redness and skin irritation to a minimum.'

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Abbey Manson

'I love the consistency of the products. Biotat ® helps my clients to have a more enjoyable tattoo experience with reducing pain and redness. I love that all the ingredients are natural and organic too.'

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Tasha-Leigh Stewart

'Biotat ® has changed tattooing for my clients and I. My clients are able to sit longer and more comfortably, due to the natural numbing agents in Biotat. It’s a must have!'

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Tom Brown

'Biotat ® range of butters/glides and soaps simply blew me away from the first use. It allowed my client to sit so calmly and allow us to work with ease. Very calming and soothing for the client. They thought it was amazing too, I will be using these products exclusively from now on'

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Abi Eve

'I’m really enjoying using Biotat ® daily on my clients. Not only is the product perfect for working with but It’s great that the brand is ethical. As an eco conscious tattoo studio owner I am often on the hunt for products and brands which complement my own businesses ethos and Biotat does this well.'

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'With me doing such big scale work in such short time, Biotat ® really contributes to keeping my clients comfortable, the glide and the green soap is a knock out combination '

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'Biotat ® are an amazing product range that’s groundbreaking for the tattoo industry and a huge help with my work. Highly recommend.'

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Naomi Raksha

'I love the gentle nature of Biotat ® products on skin. There’s a noticeable effect on how it is soothing to the skin, and allows some ease for my customers during long sessions. All products are a luxury to work with- and my clients appreciate it too.'

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Meg Ferry

'I use Biotat® to not only give my customers the best experience, but to give myself the best results. Biotat® eliminates any redness in my work and makes the skin so much easier to work with, my tattoos are photograph ready from the second I put down my machines thanks to this amazing product!'

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Kirsty Mick

'Anything that helps my clients have an easier tattoo experience is something I can get behind. And if its made from nature then that’s another bonus for me'

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Heidi Hyom

'After using a range of many products in my tattooing career, I want to insure I only use top quality products before, during and after the tattooing process.
Biotat ® products support these essentials in every way!'

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"“Using Biotat® has made my process much easier allowing clients to sit for longer and reducing redness and inflammation, and I’ve had positive reactions from clients with the natural numbing! I also love the smell and texture of the BioTat glide!”

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Paulina B

"I love using Biotat® because it’s natural. Biotat® takes the ‘spiciness’ away for the clients which helps with longer sessions . Even on the most sensitive skin it will take the redness off completely for the perfect photo opportunity. Smooths and calms the tattoo and it’s smells incredible !"


Lukas Kay

"I really enjoy using Biotat ® products firstly because they are natural but also because how they feel on the skin and keep it nice and calm through the day. The glide in particular is hands down the best ointment type product I’ve used!"

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Andre Fila

“I love how it cleans the the ink off the skin so good, I really see less redness on my work and the sore sensation is reduced when I’m using Biotat ®

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“Using Biotat ® has made my tattooing easier and smoother while significantly reducing skin irritation. The added benefit of the natural numbing allows me to work for longer sessions”

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“Initially, I had my doubts about trying new products, but I took a leap of faith with Biotat ®, and it exceeded my expectations. From the beginning to the end of each session, my customers can sit comfortably. What's most important to me is that it doesn't affect the stencil and causes no skin irritation, making my day much smoother.”

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Clove in Biotat® products is a game-changer! It effectively reduces skin redness, provides a natural numbing sensation that clients can feel, and it's incredibly smart. The texture is fantastic, and the aroma is delightful. Biotat® products truly make a difference!”

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Becky Star

“Biotat ® products are really beneficial for both myself and my clients. I aim to make my clients feel as comfortable as possible during their sessions. My clients sit for longer and any redness and swelling is reduced. I love that they’re eco friendly and use vegan friendly ingredients too!

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Tyler Hill

“Biotat ® has changed my entire process of tattooing. My needles never clog which means I get more done in a session as my work flow is so much smoother. Love how much the glide calms a fresh tattoo down, the redness disappears - biotat is the beeeeest!! 

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Emilio Winter

"On long sessions I think they’re brilliant! Definitely helped with the pain and settled the piece down a treat

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“The butters have been a hit with my clients. Effective, pleasant texture, and a little goes a long way. The fragrance is also fantastic.
As for the wipes, they’re incredibly practical, simplifying the entire process.

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Attila Takacs

“My customers think they are superhuman now. What they don’t know is my secret weapon is Biotat ®.

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Sam Johns

"After trying Biotat, I've never looked back. It's light and easy on the skin, and helps to keep it settled throughout the tattoo. My clients and I love it!"

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